To support Customs targeting of goods suspected of being produced in whole
or in part from forced labor under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act
(UFLPA), Customs has indicated in a recent ACE schedule update that it
plans to require reporting a China postal code data element for new and
updated China Manufacturer Identification Codes (MIDs) and China origin
merchandise on CBPF 3461 Cargo Release entries. The initial November
effective date was changed to December 15 late yesterday and will be
modified again to “TBD” because of the many potential complexities identified
for the proposed change. Clients are urged to begin identifying China postal
codes for China MIDs and China origin imports, consider potential impact on
current MID and MF party reporting, and be prepared for software updates to
transmit this data to Customs brokers or to self-file CBPF 3461 entries.

The Customs notice indicates that its ACE computer system will issue warning
messages when a China Uyghur region postal code is provided and error
messages for invalid Chinese postal codes. When implemented, this change
may increase Customs compliance management efforts for all China origin
material. Updated and new China MIDs and “MF” Manufacturer/Supplier party
reported on Customs CBPF 3461 Cargo Release entries will need China
postal codes for China-origin merchandise. Changes will also impact foreign trade
zone (FTZ) e-214 reporting. Because of the complexity of the
implementation of the new China postal code data element requirement, we
do not expect it to be implemented soon, based on what is known today, but
we will keep you advised. Contact Marshall Miller o r Brian Murphy with