Yesterday, September 6, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) began emailing its FTZ questionnaire in Investigation No. 332-588 to Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs) with production authority.  The FTZ Questionnaire is mandatory to complete, and there is a short, 30-day deadline of October 6

A pdf version of the final FTZ Questionnaire is available here: or

The FTZ Questionnaire includes a large number of detailed questions which will be time-consuming to complete; the ITC estimate of 20 hours seems conservative.  We recommend that FTZ clients review their FTZ Board Annual Reports for 2016 to 2021 to ensure consistency between the submissions.  The FTZ Questionnaire needs to be completed and submitted using the ITC secure website.  Although there is an opportunity to print the FTZ Questionnaire once all sections are completed, we suggest populating the previously-issued Word version of the FTZ Questionnaire [] as a worksheet, and then using it to complete the FTZ Questionnaire online in one sitting.  Differences between the final FTZ Questionnaire and the prior Word version appear to be minor, except for instructions which make clear that, except for one question, requested information should be combined into one response where the company has production operations in multiple U.S. FTZs.  Production FTZs which did not receive an ITC email yesterday with the FTZ Questionnaire link and a unique questionnaire token should check their spam/junk folder, and contact us to help validate the ITC has the correct email contact information.    

Contact Marshall V. MillerLinda D. King, or Brian J. Murphy with questions or if you are an FTZ with production activity since 2016 that has not been contacted by the ITC.