• CBP Headquarters issued an updated ACE FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on FTZ estimated weekly entries. There is no material difference with the 2010 CBP FTZ Manual Paragraph 9.8.
  • The FAQ confirms that a Type 06 weekly estimated Cargo Release entry only covers the quantity for the HTS line-item combination (i.e., HTS tariff classification, Zone Status, Manufacturer Identification (MID) and country of origin).
  • FTZ clients should confirm the 06 weekly estimate Cargo Release covers all HTS line items to be shipped. Before FTZ clients physically release merchandise from their FTZs under weekly entry, they also should confirm all HTS line-item combinations are included. If not, a supplemental 06 estimate must be filed.

Clients are encouraged to confirm their FTZ software is properly transmitting Weekly Estimated Cargo Release(s). Contact Marshall MillerLinda King, or Brian Murphy with questions.