Due to COVID-19 and the travel bans in place, Miller & Company will be hosting its annual Fall FTZ training via webinar. These are for clients only. FTZ 101 is free and FTZ 201 is $500.  These webinars will be broken down to three (3) days consisting of three (3) hours each day with a number of new subjects. Individuals in our organization currently involved in foreign-trade zones will conduct the webinar.


FTZ 101: The broadest of our sessions, this three-day nine-hour webinar includes all topics that are relevant to individuals who are new to the FTZ program or interested in refreshing/updating their knowledge including:

  • Basic FTZ Who, What, Where and How
  • FTZ Activation Process
  • CBP Security Guidelines
  • Know & Manage Your Federal Agency Compliance PGA (EPA, FDA, F&W, NHTSA, etc.)
  • Inventory Control & Recordkeeping Systems
  • Inbound In-Bond Movements to the FTZ
  • Receiving & Admissions into the FTZ
  • Handling of Merchandise in the FTZ
  • Trade Remedy Merchandise Management
  • USMCA/Free Trade Agreement
  • Removals for Consumption into the U.S.
  • In-Bond Removals
  • Annual Reports/Annual System Review
  • Periodic Reporting


FTZ 201: This comprehensive three-day nine-hour webinar will focus on Advanced Foreign-Trade Zone management issues including:

  •  FTZ Board Scope of Authority/ Government Restrictions
  • Subsequent Actions/Separation/Change with the FTZ Board
  • Trade Remedies & FTZs
  • USMCA/FTAs/Trade Preferences
  • e-214 Phase II/In-Bond Regulation Changes
  • Trade Remedy Exclusion Management
  • Protest/Post Summary Management
  • AD/CVD Management & Correction Process
  • Basic Exporting (AES/EEI)/Compliance
  • Federal Agency Compliance (PGA)/FTZ Required Reporting
  • Common Errors in FTZ Management
  • Customs Enforcement Actions/Mitigation Actions
  • CBP Compliance Review
  • Detailed Internal Audit
  • Underutilizing your Zone

Visit our website at www.millerco.com to register or contact Kelley Randol.