CBP has finally implemented the expansion of the Foreign-Trade Zone ID number to 9 digits for FTZ Admissions (e-214), Cargo Release Entries, Entry Summary and Exports. See CSMS Message #50858555 (January 28, 2021) and CSMS Message #50907635 (Feb. 2, 2022).

The Expanded Zone ID is formatted as follows:

  1. First 3 digits: FTZ Board assigned number to the Zone Project with leading zeros,
  2. Second 3 digits: FTZ Board assigned Subzone letter OR General Purpose Zone Site (TSF acreage), Usage Driven or Magnet Site (ASF) with leading zeros.
  3. Third 3 digits: Number assigned by CBP to each Operator’s FIRMS Code. *Note: This number will be provided by your local CBP office, or you can access it from the new ACE Secure Data Portal view – FTZ site in the Header information.

Please Note:  The formula for the last 3 digits described above differs from what is currently set out in the Entry Summary CATAIR and AES AESTIR. Although the Cargo Release, Entry Summary, and AES EEI have been programmed to accept the 9-digit Zone ID, the formatting instructions were published prior to CBP’s final determination of the exact format to be used. The instructions in these documents will be changed in the future to indicate that the appropriate 9-digit Zone ID must be used. Local CBP offices have been instructed to contact each of the existing Zones under their jurisdiction to provide them with their appropriate 9-digit Zone ID. If you have not yet received, or been contacted by local CBP, we suggest you contact the CBP Officer at your local CBP Port to secure your new 9-digit Zone ID. FTZ Operators can also access this number in the new ACE Secure Data Portal view – FTZ Site. The correct 9-digit Zone ID will be displayed in the Header information. For new Zone Activations, the correct 9-digit Zone ID, along with the FIRMS Code, will be provided in the Activation approval letter issued by CBP. This new 9-digit must be used for e-214 ADDs, Cargo Release (3461), Entry Summary (7501) and AES filings.   

The code requiring CBP Expanded Zone ID for Admission ADDs is now available in CBP’s Certification Environment, and is expected to deploy to Production on March 19, 2022. Updated Appendix P (Version 2.2) includes the new error codes (233, 234, 235) related to this implementation.

As of March 19, 2022, CBP will no longer accept FTZ Admission “ADDs” (a new e-214 Zone Admission) without the expanded 9-digit Zone ID included in the FT10 record header data. If the expanded 9-digit Zone ID is not included, the FTZ Admission will reject. You must also identify “Y” in the Expanded Zone ID Indicator box in the CATAIR FT10 record to indicate you are filing the Expanded Zone ID. Regardless of deadlines set by CBP or Census, we urge clients to use the new FTZ 9-digit Expanded Zone ID for all FTZ admissions, entries, and exports

Clients should contact Linda King or Marshall Miller for guidance.  Image removed.