The Firm’s remaining Import/Export and FTZ Training Schedule for 2024 includes the following introductory level “101” sessions that are free to clients and intermediate “201” sessions which are offered for $500. Details on each of the remaining sessions are as follows:


October 15 FTZ 101 IN-PERSON
October 16 FTZ 201 IN-PERSON
November 12 Import/Export 101 IN-PERSON
November 13 Import/Export 201 IN-PERSON


FTZ 101: All topics that are relevant to individuals who are new to the FTZ program or interested in refreshing/updating their knowledge including Basic FTZ Who, What, Where and How; FTZ Activation Process; CBP Security Guidelines; Know & Manage Your Federal Agency Compliance PGA (EPA, FDA, F&W, NHTSA, etc.); Inventory Control & Recordkeeping Systems; Inbound In-Bond Movements to the FTZ; Receiving & Admissions into the FTZ; Handling of Merchandise in the FTZ; Trade Remedy Merchandise Management; USMCA/Free Trade Agreement; Removals for Consumption into the U.S.; In-Bond Removals; Annual Reports/Annual System Review; Periodic Reporting. This is free for clients only. 

FTZ 201: Focus on Advanced Foreign-Trade Zone management issues including: FTZ Board Scope of Authority/ Government Restrictions; Subsequent Actions/Separation/Change with the FTZ Board; Trade Remedies & FTZs; USMCA/FTAs/Trade Preferences; e-214 Phase II/In-Bond Regulation Changes; Trade Remedy Exclusion Management; Protest/Post Summary Management; AD/CVD Management & Correction Process; INCOTERMS; Basic Exporting (AES/EEI)/Compliance; Federal Agency Compliance (PGA)/FTZ Required Reporting Common Errors in FTZ Management; Customs Enforcement Actions/Mitigation Actions; CBP Compliance Review; Detailed Internal Audit; Underutilizing your Zone. The fee is $500 for clients. 

Import / Export 101: Provides detailed information on a wide range of import and export issues, including: entry and export processes, classification, customs valuation, origin marking, Census AES reporting, and accurate document completion. This webinar is free for clients. 

Import / Export 201: Comprehensive training on INCOTERMS 2020 as well as more advanced sections on special trade programs (NAFTA, other FTAs, TIBs, etc.), export jurisdiction determination, export license determination, restricted parties screening, government enforcement actions and Prior Disclosures, U.S. trade sanctions and embargoes, and supply chain security. The fee is $500 for clients. 

Information to Participants can be found here.

Any additional questions can be directed to Amanda Jones at 816-561-4999 or via email at [email protected].