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The Best US Trade Program – by Marshall V. Miller, Esq.- August 2021 – The Journal of Commerce

Call of Duty-Free By Will Swaim- September-October 2013- Global Trade

Foreign Trade Zones - U.S. Customs Procedures and Requirements By Dennis Puccinelli - February 2003 - Export America

There is a Reason for FTZs' Startling Growth: It Makes Good Business Sense By Marshall V. Miller, Esq.- September 1988 - Globe Trade

FTZs Exercise in Economic Creativity By Dan McMillan - September 1992 - Daily Journal of Commerce

FTZs May Give P.R. Firms an Edge - Finding the Equalizer By Larry Luxner - September 1988 - The San Juan Star

Trade Advantages Afforded Under the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Program By Marshall V. Miller, Esq. & D. Brooks Pavilack, Esq.

Pharmaceutical Industry Thrives in Free Trade Zones September 1996 - The Journal of Commerce

Reorganization Means New Customs Rules for Importers September 1996 - The Journal of Commerce

An Essential Element in Global Production By Marshall V. Miller, Esq. - September 1989 - Globe Trade

Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority January 1987 - Port of Detroit Log

Globalization: The Foreign Trade Zone Advantage By Marshall V. Miller, Esq. - Spring 1995 - Professional Report

The Foreign-Trade Zones Act: Keeping up with the Changing Times By John J. DaPonte, Jr. - December 1997 - Business America

Manufacturers Flock to Foreign-Trade Subzones By Richard Lawrence - December 1997 - The Journal of Commerce

Export FTZ Advantages By Marshall V. Miller, Esq. - 1998 - Official Export Guide

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