Miller & Company is a law firm serving a diverse clientele in import, export, foreign-trade zone, and international trade law. Within these areas of specialized practice, we have received global recognition for our involvement in the development of the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Program.

The firm has a broad client base in fifty states, Puerto Rico, and in major trading centers throughout the world. Clients range from large multinational enterprises to corporations, partnerships, associations, governmental entities, and individuals. Most business clients involved in international trade rely on us for a comprehensive range of innovative trade-related representation.

Join us for our Fall FTZ Training Seminars, with introductory, intermediate, and advanced level sessions. The introductory-level sessions are free for clients, while the intermediate and advanced sessions are offered for $500. Detailes on each of the sessions can be found here or by clicking the Seminars link to the right.

Miller & Company P.C. Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri